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Southampton v Chelsea 

Result- 2-1 
Player ratings-
Courtois- 6/10
Should have saved Long’s shot / kept on his line – made a real mess of it. Although we won, we never keep clean sheets which is something we need to improve on.
Azpilicueta- 7/10
Didn’t really see much from Azpi today, kept quiet. Done the appropriate defensive work but lacked going forward.
Ivanovic- 8.5/10
Scored the winner! An amazing header from Branna, he’s really performed since becoming a centre back- maybe we’ve been playing him in the wrong role all this time!
Cahill- 8/10
Made a crucial tackle to deny Southampton. I wasn’t so sure about the Cahill-Iva partnership but their experience really is noticeable.
Baba- 5/10
A bit of a shocker from Baba, who had been impressing critics for a couple of weeks now. Headed the ball to Southampton causing their goal, should have easily cleared it leading to him being substituted at half time.
Mikel- 8/10
Completed 96% off his passes, two being key passes. He has really shone under Hiddink and has earned himself a solid starting position in Chelsea’s Xl.
Fabregas- 9/10 (MOTM)
Scored the equaliser! Although it was a cross, it still would have found Hazard and went in. Put on a stunning display of multiple passes and link up play.
Willian- 7.5/10
Didn’t really see much of Willian today but he wasn’t missed. Our winner came from his corner and it was an exceptional corner, it produced a really clear cut chance for Chelsea.
Pedro/Oscar- 6.5/10
Unfortunately for Pedro he got injured within 5 minutes, it looked to be quote serious too. Oscar then replaced him and put in a mediocre display, the only think he really did was have a shot that was comfortably saved by Forster.
Hazard- 8.5/10
Didn’t think Eden was too bad today, it seems whenever Fabregas plays well he doesn’t have to do much though. People were saying ‘he doesn’t want to play for us, he’s Rubbish’ etc. But he’s never going to be like 14/15 Hazard again.
Costa- 8/10
Should have really scored the volley but it was at a strange angle, has finally got rid of his mask and still put in a positive impact despite not scoring.

Made a really positive impact despite not being in his preferred position. At Least we now know he can play in other areas other than LW.
To conclude; an exceptional come back from the blues today considering Southampton hadn’t conceded in atleast 667 minutes and have been on amazing form since Christmas. In the first half we didn’t look to good constant sideways passing and we didn’t look like scoring. On the other hand, in the second half we looked like a completely different team – we deserved to win with our worth ethic. I strongly believe we will beat Norwich on Tuesday as they are on poor form and we beat them in the first half of the season. We have moved up to 11th and the Europa league spots do not seem to far away now, if we keep this form up we will defiantly get top 7.



Chelsea v Manchester City

Player ratings:
Courtois: 7/10
Difficult to give the Belgian a rating as there wasn’t much for him to do. Made one good save and the other shots were simple to save for him. The only downside was City’s goal from Faupala – no clean sheet.
Azpilicueta: 7/10
Not much for Azpi to do in defence, apart from City’s goal which Azpi could have done more about especially against youthful players.
Ivanovic: 7/10
In my opinion, our vice-captain is better at centre back than right back. He seems to be more in control defensively and the likes of Baba and Apzi being at RB and LB means Hazard and Willian receive better link up play. The Serbian has not disappointed in his role of vice-captaincy.
Cahill: 8.5/10
Again, not much for Cahill to do defensively. Earlier on in the match he suffered a severe nose bleed but he carried on. He scored a goal that had a superb strike on it and I was very impressed with his attacking ability. 
Baba: 8/10
Extremely impressed with the Ghanians crossing ability, he is essential in counter attacks for Chelsea. He needs to start games even when Terry returns. 
Mikel: 7.5/10
Passing accuracy is something Mikel never struggles with, his ability to start every game and putting in the same solid display impresses me the most.
Fabregas: 9/10
An amazing match for Cesc, he seems to be getting better and better each match and is suppressing his 14/15 self. His passing was world class and set Pedro up multiple times within the first half.
Willian: 8.5/10
Sublime goal from the Brazilian and another outstanding performance from Chelsea’s POTY, the goal looked a lot like the goal v Newcastle but on the opposite side.
Pedro: 8/10
Should have scored possibly two chances that he was in a perfect position for. No one can knock his work rate though – he’s starting to look like the man Chelsea hoped they signed.
Hazard: 9.5/10 (MOTM)
What a performance from The Belgian! 3 assists and an amazing goal. I’m so glad Hazard has returned to form and has learnt how to do free kicks. Although It was against a ‘u-21 side’ he still was amazing and 3 assists and 1 goal is outstanding against any side. Let’s hope this form continues. Well done Eden!
Costa: 8.5/10
Another goal for Costa, the man cannot be stopped. He is so much better at getting in the box and pressurising the keeper now, I’m really impressed with his progress.
Traore: 9/10
Another goal for the young Traore! 3 in 3 for Traore now. He is a brilliant impact sub and the future looks bright for him as a striker.
Matic: 7/10
Didn’t really have time to make any sort of impact.
Oscar: 7/10
Got the assist for Traore’s goal however missed the penalty. He shouldn’t have taken it as he missed his last one, the keeper was weak which makes it even worse. I hope Eden continues to take penalties rather than Oscar.
To conclude; a brilliant team performance despite the opposition. Really good to progress into the quarter finals of the FA cup and we’re taking it really seriously as we should do. Guus has one is the FA cup before and I believe he will do it again – although Everton away will be tough. Our next game is Southampton away and even last year we struggled with this fixture. However, if we played with the confidence we did today we could get a positive result. COYB.
Prediction: 1-1


Chelsea 1-1 Manchester United

Result: 1-1

Player ratings:

Courtois- 8/10

Strength- Made a world class save on Martials shot.

Weakness- Didn’t keep a clean sheet although there was no possibility of saving Lingard’s goal.

Ivanovic- 7/10

Strength- Almost scored with his thunderous volley.

Weakness- The cross leading up to Uniteds goal came from his side.

Terry- 8/10

Strength- Solid defensivley. Kept Rooney quiet – should have won a penalty.

Weakness- No noticeable weaknesses.

Zouma- 7/10

Strength- Didn’t look like we was going to concede with him on the pitch.

Weakness- His injury. Get well soon Zouma!


Strength- No noticeable strengths.

Weakness- Lingard, who was on his side scored.

Matic- 7/10

Strength- Improvment on his current form.

Weakness- Gave away the ball too many times.

Mikel- 8/10

Strength- Passing was extremely accurate and held the ball well.

Weakness- No noticeable weaknesses.

Willian- 7/10

Strength- Couple of good runs but unfortunately, no one was there to receive it.

Weakness- Set pieces were poor, and have been, since the departure of José.

Fabregas- 8/10

Strength- Assist to Costas goal and had generally outstanding link up play wth him today.

Weakness- Had a brilliant shot saved from De Gea.

Oscar- 6/10

Strength- No noticeable strengths.

Weakness- Gave the ball away too many times, needs to be dropped in replacement of hazard so he can get back to his peak again.

Costa- 9/10 (MOTM)

Strength- Amazing goal in added time.

Weakness- Should of scored more than one.


Eden Hazard- Made a positive impact yet again when he came on, needs to defiantly start v Newcastle.

Gary Cahill- Instantly conceded when he came on for Zouma.

Pedro- Improvment on earlier performances and improved our attack.

To conclude; we very much deserved the point and were unlucky not to take all 3. Both goalkeepers were outstanding and that’s primarily why this fixture always ends up as a 0-0 or 1-0 or 1-1. Very much a game of two halves, United were outstanding in the first half and we were lucky not to concede but we picked up the pace in the second half. Questionably should of had a penalty but there’s no point dwelling on that. Hazard needs to start v Newcastle and I pray Zouma’s injury doesn’t need surgery. Onto the Magpies and UTC. 


Watford v Chelsea

Result 0-0

Player ratings-

Courtois- 8/10

Strength- Clean sheet and a few perfect saves.

Weakness- Few nervy moments when he attempts to ‘dribble’ the ball.


Strength- No mistakes which led to a clean sheet.

Weakness- Should have easily scored from Hazards cut back on the second half.

Terry- 8/10

Strength- Kept Deeney and Ighalo quiet.

Weakness- No noticeable weaknesses.

Zouma- 8/10

Strength– Kept Deeney and Ighalo quiet.

Weakness- No noticeable weaknesses
Azpilicueta- 7/10

Strength- Kept a clean sheet.

Weakness- Didnt offer much in terms of attack.

Matic- 6/10

Strength– No noticeable strengths.

Weakness- Kept giving the ball away, missed placed passes and is no where near the brickwall he was last season.

Mikel- 7.5/10

Strength- Protected the back four when Matic failed to do so.

Weakness- His lack of pace led to Watford easily attacking.

Willian- 7/10

Strength- Put in a brilliant cross which led to Costa’s late chance.

Weakness- Not showing the form he was in under Mourinho.

Fabregas- 7.5/10

Strength- Played a few over the top passes to Hazard.

Weakness- Didn’t create any clear chances or link up play with Costa.

Oscar- 7/10

Strength- Defensivley, Oscar was brilliant and made multiple amounts of solid tackles.

Weakness- Didn’t create any chances or have any chances, considering he scored a hattrick on Sunday.

Costa- 8/10

Strength- Worked hard especially in the second half, but didn’t receive the service.

Weakness- Got booked.


Eden Hazard-

The game immediately changed when he came on which was when we had the strongest attaching force. However, the chance he did have his first touch let him down.

To conclude; this game was generally disappointing and I’m ashamed we didn’t get 3 points from it. Considering Sunday’s game, I thought we’d play with a lot better attacking  ability then we did especially in the first half. The most disappointing thing is if we had won we would be 11th with 1 point off 10th, other than 13th on the same points as West Brom. When Hazard came on, the game was a lot more fast pace and all our chances came after he came on – he needs to start v United. Matic needs to be dropped as he was extremely poor and has been for a couple of games now, RLC needs to have a chance. If we play like we did in the second half of that game we have a strong chance of beating United on Sunday. COYB!


MK Dons v Chelsea Fourth Round Tie

Result: 1-5

Player ratings:

Courtois 8/10:

Strength: The little amount of saves he had to make, he did save.

Weakness: Conceded one however there was not much he could do about it.

Ivanovic 7/10:

Strength: Looked strong on the wing.

Weakness: Defensivley was too slow for Rob Hall / Josh Murphy.

Terry 7.5/10:

Strength: Kept the MK attackers quiet.

Weakness: Got booked, possibly could of been a red.

Cahill 7.5/10:

Strength: Kept the MK attackers quiet.

Weakness: Not much for him to do.

Baba 8.5/10:

Strength: Always seemed to be creating chances for Hazard / Costa / Oscar. A good game for a defender who rarely gets a chance.

Weakness: No noticeable weaknesses.

Matic 7/10:

Strength: Held the midfield quite comfortably.

Weakness: Got the deflection off the MK Dons goal.

Rubén 8/10:

Strength: Got an assist for Oscars second goal.

Weakness: No noticeable weaknesses.

Fabregas 8.5/10:

Strength: Was an absolute unit; his passes were simply impeccable. Seems to of found his form.

Weakness: Performed quite a dangerous tackle on Carruthers.

Oscar 9.5/10: (MOTM)

Strength: Scored his first hattrick for The Blues since joining in 2012. Very well done Oscar!

Weakness: Could of scored 1 or 2 more!

Hazard 8/10:

Strength: Ended his goal drought. Although it was a penalty, it’ll still give him the confidence he so much so needs.

Weakness: Missed a few chances that last years Eden would of buried. 

Costa 8/10:

Strength: Got an outstanding assist for Oscars 1st.

Weakness: Wasn’t on the score sheet.


Willian: 7/10

Didn’t really make an impact.

Traore: 9/10

Excellent start for the young blue, his first goal for Chelsea was quite simply beautiful.

Pedro: 7/10

Didn’t really make an impact.

To conclude; A positive win for the Blues. Loftus-Cheek played well, Traore showing that youth can really produce and Eden Hazard was back on the score sheet. To score 5 goals is always positive whoever you play; wherever it’s Dons or a premier League team it doesn’t matter – the goal scoring form is there. Although Watford are a decent side, we almost nabbed the 3 points when we last played them. I reckon if we play with the confidence and create the chances like v MK, we’ll collect points. UTC 


Chelsea sign Alexandre Pato

This evening, Chelsea confirmed the loan signing of Alexandre Pato from Corinthians.

Pato’s goal scoring records-

AC Milan 117 appreances, 51 goals.

 Corinthians 30 appearances, 9 goals.

São Paulo 59  appreances, 19 goals.

Best of luck Pato and I hope you can prove yourself at Chelsea FC. 


Arsenal v Chelsea

Result- 1-0

Player ratings-

Courtois- 7.5/10

Strength- Kept a clean sheet.

Weakness- Dropped a few corners / free kicks.

Ivanovic- 8.5/10

Strength- Got another assist, which was a beautiful cross- 3 in 2016 now. Also almost scored which was cleared off the line.

Weakness- Had a really good game, no noticeable weaknesses.

Zouma- 8/10

Strength- Solid as always.

Weakness- No noticeable weaknesses.

Terry- 8/10

Stength- Kept the defence tight to shut down any Arsenal counter attack.

Weakness- Marking was poor on Flamini at the end of the first half.

Azpilicueta- 7.5/10

Strength- Clean sheet and looked strong as always.

Weakness- No noticeable weaknesses.

Matic- 7.5/10

Strength- Although there were grumbles about Matic-Mikel pivot, he performed well.

Weakness- Still not up to 14/15 Matic standards, I’m not sure what’s happened to him.

Mikel- 8/10

Strength- Kept Özil quiet, a good job so too.

Weakness- Picked up a yellow making him miss the cup tie v MK Dons (wont be too much of a problem though).

Willian- 7.5/10

Strength- Played the pass which retrospectively got Mertesacker.

Weakness- Missed a good chance to double the score line.

Fabregas- 9.5/10 (MOTM)

Strength- Dominated the midfield shutting down the likes of Özil and Sanchez. He also got the most tackles and most passes out of anyone on the pitch. Certianly performed today, a very well done Cesc.

Weakness- No noticeable weaknesses.

Oscar- 8/10

Strength- Made multiple amounts of strong tackles; luckily the brilliant side of Oscar performed today.

Weakness– Recieved a yellow card.

Costa- 9/10

Strength- The Big Man absolutely turnt up today. His goal was amazing and caused Arsenal to go down to 10 men – a turning point in the game. Costas impeccable record v Arsenal seems to continue.

Weakness- Unfortunatly seems to be injured. Let’s hope it’s not too serious.


Hazard- Had a couple of brilliant runs when he came on, hopefully he starts v Watford and can show he’s improved. Also, sat Özil down.

Remy- Had a couple of chances to make it 2-0.

To conclude; a huge 3 points in a game that is extremely difficult to win. Despite only winning 1-0 to a 10 men side we were obviously the better side today- putting controversy aside. We have got 6 points from Arsenal this season which has been brilliant, we have moved up to 13th with one point behind Everton. Although we’re still in the bottom half of the league this will be a huge confidence boost and our unbeaten run under Hiddink is set continue. Hopefully Costa will be okay to play v Watford, bring the Hornets on! (Next league game).


Chelsea v Everton


Player ratings:

Courtois- 7.5/10

Strength- Good 1 v 1 save on Mirallis.

Weakness- Conceded 3.

Ivanovic- 6.5/10

Strength- Got a flick to lead to Terry’s goal.

Weakness- Was at fault for the third goal.

Zouma- 7.5/10

Strength- Kept Lukaku quiet.

Weakness- Conceded three.

Terry- 8/10


Weakness- Scored an OG.

Azpilicueta- 7/10

Strength- Made an exceptional cross for Costa, which Costa should of scored.

Weakness- The cross for Everton’s third came from his side.

Mikel- 7/10

Strength- Almost scored from long range.

Weakness- Meant to be marking Funes Mori.

Matic- 6.5/10

Strength- Made a few tackles.

Weakness- Had no impact, generally poor.

Willian- 7/10 

Strength- Made multiple crosses into the box.

Weakness- Wasn’t one of his best games.

Fabregas – 9/10 (MOTM)

Strength- Assist for Costa’s goal and scored a goal.

Weakness- No noticeable weaknesses.

Pedro- 6/10

Strength- None.

Weakness- Still struggling to adapt to the PL.

Costa- 9/10

Strength- Goal and assisted Fabregas. The partnership has seemed to returned.

Weakness- Had to go off due to injury.


Oscar- Assisted JT.

Kenedy- Had a couple of shots, one was brilliant. Looks a better option than Pedro at the moment.

Remy- Didn’t have time to impact.

To conclude; we were extremely lucky to get a point due to Terry’s offside goal. We shouldn’t be relying on 98th minute equalisers to get a point. On a more positive note, from 2-0 down we didn’t stop fighting and equalised twice. Costa and Fabregas were exceptionally good but Kenedy needs to start infront of Pedro. We need to be a lot better if we are going to get anything from the Emirates.


Chelsea v West Brom


Player ratings:

Courtois: 6/10

Strength: Made some key saves for us to not lose the game.

Weakness: Conceded two goals, considering they was out of the box.

Ivanovic: 7.5/10

Strength: Got another assist.

Weakness: Although the goals weren’t his fault, his crossing needs to be more accurate.

Zouma: 8/10

Strength: Made some good tackles and won multiple amounts of headers.

Weakness: Shouldn’t take free kicks at all.

Terry: 7.5/10

Strength: Same as Zouma, kept the centeral defence tidy.

Weakness: Not motivating his team like last season.

Azpilicueta: 8.5/10

Strength: Scored his second goal of the season. (Both against West Brom)

Weakness: No noticeable mistakes.

Mikel: 8/10

Strength: Lots of good tackles and interceptions.

Weakness: Was out of position during West Brom’s second.

Fabregas: 7.5/10

Strength: Passing was so much more accurate, again.

Weakness: No noticeable weakness.

Willian: 7/10

Strength: Assist for Kenedy / OG.

Weakness: Didn’t impact the game apart from his assist.

Oscar: 6/10

Strength: Good link up play with Costa during the first half.

Weakness: Too many passes were inaccurate.

Pedro: 5/10

Strength: None.

Weakness: Did nothing positive all game, shocking.

Costa: 7.5/10

Strength: Worked really hard.

Weakness: Missed a couple of chances, got angered aswell.


Kenedy: 8/10

 Got his first Premier League ‘goal’.

Matic: 6/10

At fault for the second goal, like Mikel.

To conclude; disappointing game as twice we led, we should have bagged all 3 points. We can blame it on the ref as much as we want but overall the performance still wasn’t satisfactory and we should be easily winning games like this, just like last season – especially at home. I think Hiddink should go with the same line up next match v Everton but we need to be a lot more vigilant and clinical as Everton are a strong side with the likes of Lukaku, Barkley and Delofeu. If we’re not careful it could be an embarrassment like last game v Everton, bar Naismith (may have gone to Norwich). 


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